quick calling

[Huawei p9 Voice control] Smatter calls with intelligent Quick calling feature

The era of using a normal smartphone came to an end. Now it’s time to control your smartphone with voice commands. Huawei P9– the latest flagship of Huawei skinned with […]

lock screen signature

Personalize your phone with Lock screen signature and screen lock style

Getting bored with the typical lock screen style? The lock screen is one of the most widely used mobile phone application scenarios. This is part of the Huawei EMUI Interface […]


Raise-To-Ear: Did You Know About This Motion Control Feature?

Motion control features let you control your device using simple gestures. The Huawei’s Emotion UI is overloaded with intelligent gestures and motion to control the device and these motion control […]

camera 5x

Honor 5X Camera Make Life Easy

 Smartphone have now become an important gadget of everyday use for everyone. Camera is one the most appealing feature in a Smartphone. I feel like a smart phone is really […]


Honor 5X Fingerprint Sensor – Make life easy

If privacy and security are what you look for, the Honor 5X is the Smartphone that will be the best fit. Honor 5X comes with a 2nd-gen rim-free fingerprint sensor, […]


Six easy steps to Enroll your Fingerprint

Honor’s 5X fingerprint sensor is placed on the back of the phone with excellent design. The fingerprint sensor supports 360-degree fingerprint recognition to unlock the device, that is, you can […]


Learn how Fingerprint technology is shaping our future

Recently we came across to a series of posts on Fingerprint technology, available at @honorclubIndia facebook page. Seems like, they are taking it so seriously and educating their fans on the […]


Honor 5X is a perfect selfie-phone!

Honor 5X Selfie Camera Features Selfie with an audio For journalists and travelers, the Audio Note feature is pretty handy and useful. It allows you to record up to 10 […]